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Contenu de la fraudeAmazon

We are having trouble authorizing your payment for the last item.

Please verify or update your payment method.

If your payment information is correct (such as expiry date and billing address), please contact your bank for more details.*

Check your payment method
Update your payment method
Send today:
Tue, Nov 28
Reference number:#40198252*

* Your bank may have declined the charge if the name, expiration date, or postal code you entered does not match the bank's information.

If your card has expired, you recently moved, or you received a new card from your bank, you may need to update the card number, expiration date, and postal code to ensure your card continues to work.

If the payment details you entered are correct, we suggest using the phone number on the back of your card to contact your bank to learn more about their policies.

This mail was sent from a notification-only address that can’t accept incoming mail. Please don’t reply to this message.
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